API Documentation

Player version 1.0.0 stabile

API version 0.0.1

Last Updated on Wednesday, 11 November 2017

API parameters work on (new) players that were made in the player's generator:

On the player for GOOGLE DRIVE poster automatically created other parameters work

Appeals to API requests:

The parameter name transfers the title to the title of the page an example of use embed_yandex.php?name=Names Videos

The url parameter passes the value of the video reference to an example of use embed_yandex.php?url=Link to video

The poster parameter passes the image reference values to an example of use /players/embed_yandex.php?poster=Link to the poster:

How to use all the items:

Example embed_yandex.php?url=Link to video&name=Names Videos&poster=Link to the poster